Thursday, February 8, 2024

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"Kitchen remodel" and "kitchen renovation" are two of the most regularly used terms. Nevertheless, they do not describe the same process. The main difference lies in the extent of changes made to the cooking area:

Kitchen remodel involves making significant architectural adjustments to the kitchen area, such as kitchen's layout and style.

In particular, it often features destroying wall structures, relocating plumbing and electrical systems, and altering the kitchen's basic framework. The goal is to create a completely new and modern kitchen space starting from scratch.

Kitchen renovation, on the other hand, involves tasks such as changing appliances, kitchen counters, cabinets, and floor to give the cooking area a fresh and upgraded appearance while keeping the existing kitchen design.

So, while both aim to enhance the kitchen, the extent of adjustments and the budget involved can be quite different.

Canaan Builders, a local home building and remodeling company in Murfreesboro, TN, can help you create the kitchen of your dreams with a kitchen remodeling or renovation.

We provide our services to Rutherford, Wilson, Williamson, Sumner and Davidson Counties.

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